Adding value through Licensing in the €190 Billion Food & Beverage Market

The basis of a successful licence is to find matching licensors and licensees in order to tap unexploited potential. The starting point is recognising consumers’ needs as they assure sales success. Connecting these needs with a matching topic area enables them to be capitalised on. This process of recognition has not yet been fully realised for the food & beverage market. The advantages for licensors are huge!

  1.  The brand broadens AWARENESS and gains further touchpoints and visibility by using licences.
  2.  Using licences enables MONEY to be raised and reinvested in the brand’s further development.
Examples of market and licence groupings

1. Target groups BBQ fans Healthy eaters Nutrition-conscious parents Foodies
2. Needs Reliability and inspiration Good food Making life easier Recipe inspiration
3. Capabilities No. 1 BBQ brand Power of the sun Parents’ guide Food journalism
4. Licence brand
5. Licensor Weber-Stephen Deutschland Valensina Gruner+Jahr Heinrich Bauer Verlag

FOOD LICENCE PARTNER coordinates the whole process

FOOD LICENCE PARTNER develops the idea, creates the concept and identifies matching industry and distribution partners. Furthermore, FOOD LICENCE PARTNER puts partners in touch with retailers, ensures market-shaping branding and packaging, and presents the brand’s world online and offline.


FOOD LICENCE PARTNER was born when three experienced market and brand experts with different skill sets came together.

Günther Nessel

Managing Partner,
Brand Management

Brand professional specialising in
the food & beverage market. Insider
when it comes to brand management,
brands and retail brands.


Michael Caudera

Managing Partner,

Licence specialist with experience
as a managing director and consultant
of well-known companies
within the media, brand, personality
and entertainment sectors. He knows
the requirements for successful
concepts as well as the licensors’
and licensees’ needs.


Torsten Hauschild

Managing Partner,

Retail specialist with experience
as a managing director of well-known
retail companies. He is
familiar with market insights and



Food licences make it possible to forge ahead. They combine the shaping force of a brand with the product range capabilities of a retail brand. If all aspects are considered thoroughly, a leading brand will be created. It offers orientation within the category whilst having spillover effects for the whole range. The first concept by FOOD LICENCE PARTNER started in 2015 and is now proving successful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are currently working on various concepts with licensors. We would like to offer you more details on four of them here, so that you can gain an insight into the way we work and our commitment to licence brands.


The taste!-Group illuminates food & beverages from all relevant perspectives.

25 years ago, taste! recognised that the € 190 billion food & beverage market needed specialised knowhow for distinctive brand personalities.

As the sparringspartner of the retail and its preferred suppliers, we create and realize concepts for brands and assortments.

taste! is a registered member of the general association of communication agencies GWA

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